Japanese Design

Japanese sweets made with rice flour and white bean paste. A gold fish bowl on the left and a kindertener on the right. 可愛い夏のねりきり。

Japanese Design

A Japanese towel. The typography is great! 桂吉坊さんに頂いた!!手ぬぐい。『吉』のデザインが素晴らしい!


The mugs I designed for Milano at the illy cafe in Milano!! The geen ones. I designed Milan Cathedral. My husband and daugthter went the cafe and took a photo for me. This is really exciting!! 本当に売られている!!夫と娘がミラノ店で写真を撮ってくれました。ミラノ大聖堂をデザインした緑のカップ。これは興奮します!!

illy cafe

I enjoyed the first experience of illy cafe in Osaka. The staff was really nice and kind. ここが illy か〜!これが illy か〜!!感激。

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