My Shows at Kaleisia

I had 4 full months of my show at Kaleisia. It was a great opotunity for me to share my art to my neighbor. Thank you Kaleisia! I've donated 10 % of the profit to Tamapa Humane Society.

The Seventh Show at Kaleisia

My 7th show at Kaleisia. I have ink paintings of animals and a girl. This is the last show. The show ends on May 31st. カレイシャでの最後の展示は、インクで描いた動物たち+おんなの子。5月31日まで。

Rugby Guy

A man wearing Japanese written T-shirt at HCC art show. It shows he is a rugby guy. コミュニティーカレッジの展覧会場で見つけた、ラグビー野郎。

Sock Hug

Two socks were electrostatically huging each other in the dryer. So cute... ドライヤーの中でくっついちゃった靴下。かわいいなあ。犯人は静電気。

The Sixth Show at Kaleisia

My 6th show at Kaleisia. More cats! I have these prints until May24th. もう少し、猫の版画を。

Baby Pineapple

He is back! The frog had moved away from his pineapple house, but he came back!! I really want to see how he settle to this position. He walks down to the bottom of the leaf and turn around, or walks backwards to the bottom of the leaf, I wonder. カエルちゃんが戻ってきました!しばらく旅に出ていたようですが、またパイナップルハウスに帰って来ていました。おかえりなさい。どうやって、このポーズになるのかなあ。頭から下がって行ってひっくりかえるのか、おしりから後ろ歩きですっぽりはまるのか、見てみたい。

The Globe of The National Flags

The globe on the bathroom wall at my daughter's high school is almost done. One of the students did the design part, and she and her friend did the painting part. They spent long hours on this project. 娘の高校のトイレの壁です。娘は友達と2人で塗り担当。相当な時間をかけて仕上げました。 Hope to be kept as it is! すでに落書きが、、悲しいなあ、、

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