The Show at Kaleisia

My daughter Sky have her first and own show at Kaleisia untill end of October! 娘、澄海がKaleisiaで作品を置いてもらっています。10月末まで。

Work ,work, work.

I've been working hard. I'm just happy to design. I love it! 誠心誠意お仕事しています。デザインは本当に楽しい。お仕事に感謝です。


We had tree deer in our back yard. They looked young and lost. I was happy to see them but really sad to think they have less and less place to live. 裏庭に迷い込んだ鹿が3頭。住むところがないんだなあ、、可哀相に。


This is a beautiful avocado. It has a very big and very round seed. 種が大きすぎる。そして丸すぎる。

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